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And about blimmin' time too!

Well, after about a year of planning and faffing around, we've finally got this site off the ground. It may look simple but it takes a lot of work and thought. And funnily enough, so does upcycling or recycling.

Many people seem to think that using pallet wood or scrap flooring timber is a quick and cheap option, and yes, while the initial outlay on the timber is minimal, the amount of time and effort put into making the wood usable is considerable: first of all the wood needs to be found, and is it usable? Most pallets are kept outside, and they often discolour or even go a bit mouldy. Now obviously I wouldn't expect anyone to welcome some mouldy timber into their home, so I wouldn't use that, but it still needs to be sorted and graded. Is it split? Can any potential splinters be removed or made safe? How much damage will nail removal make? Sometimes a nail or screw can be quite decorative, but usually they have to be gone. That can take a lot of time, especially if you're processing a large amount of wood. Once I start working with the wood, I often find that it's too open grained to hold screws well, or it has been cut erratically and it isn't square.


So even before I've thought about making anything, a fair amount of work has been done

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