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Kate Bull and Doug Wort are a husband and wife team who have worked together for many years:

"A couple of years ago, Kate and I found ourselves with a mobile catering van driving around a few of the business parks in North Somerset offering breakfasts, lunches and other special dishes which we would deliver to our customers' desks. Many of these businesses seemed to have huge piles of scrap wood dumped on their premises. As it costs businesses a fair amount of money to have this kind of waste removed, many of them were only too happy to let me sort through it and take away the most useful bits. And that is what I did.

"At first I found myself with piles of timber that I had intended to use in a static caravan that I was renovating, but when that project was finished, I still had piles of wood left over. So - what to do with it all?

"I had a quick look online for some ideas (it's amazing what comes up when you Google 'Scrap wood projects') and made my first toy chest. That sold really quickly so I made another one. And another. Then another. And then a friend jokingly suggested I made a guitar out of pallets. What she didn't know was that I already had!

"Since then I've been making more toy chests, pallet tables, lamp stands and many other things besides. I suppose the problem is that I just can't bear to see things wasted....

"Kate has been a seamstress for years, as well as a teacher, social worker, cook, and administrator for our bistro, and mother. She also can't bear to be idle, and so in the evenings when our sons were younger and in bed, she started knitting: cakes at first (yes, cakes), then scarves and hats. Then she started making bags out of my old shirts (I like bright shirts), and quilts and cotton rag rugs, and wall hangings, and anything that can be sewed or knitted. Sadly, the business parks of North Somerset aren't as good for fabric and yarn as they are for timber, so she spends an awful lot of time in charity shops looking for any fabric she can lay her hands on."

"We take our wares to various local markets in and around Bristol (see our Upcoming Events page) mostly in the spring and summer months. But that doesn't stop us from getting really soaked."

"And now we have a spare room stuffed with knitted and sewn things, and a garage full of wooden things. We need some space back!"

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