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One of my first rcycled toy chests
We bileive thatrecycling canlead to a better, cleaner envoironment.

Business Title

Recycled - Upcycled - Never Wasted
Our famous rocking hammock deckchairs, showing a three quarter size version for children.


Here at Secondtimearound we recycle and upcycle: we believe that if we can make something new out of something that's going to be wasted, we should!

We take scrap timber (flooring, pallets, decking etc) and turn it into tables, deckchairs, guitars(!), garden planters and even ponds.

We take fabric and turn it into quilts, wall hangings, lampshades, hats and bags.

And we even knit things.

You won't be able to find any of our products on the highstreet: maybe local markets, Facebook, or other selling sites.

On this site you'll be able to see some of the items we've made in the past, our most recent creations, and you may even be able to snap up a bargain.

We hope you enjoy our work.

Doug Wort and Kate Bull,

somewhere in North Somerset

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